Buying a Home Is Like Falling in Love

Insider Secrets for Buying a Home” Series

Buying a home can be confusing. That’s why the tips and strategies you’ll find in my 8-week series will set you on the right path. It’s my own unique approach and a “behind the scenes” glimpse of what you should look out for and consider when starting your own search for a home.

You can feel the attraction immediately and imagine a picture-perfect life together for many years ahead. You’ve fallen in love very hard ….

But wait! We’re not talking about your latest date but rather a home you saw while house hunting…

Yes, buying a home is like falling in love.

You can expect to go through the same ups and downs, emotional tugs and pulls, and even similar stages: being smitten, getting your heart broken, eventually learning from your mistakes, and becoming wiser and more serious on your quest for “love.”

All is fair in love and war … and house hunting! We’ll show you how to make the most of your journey in finding a home you love.

The One that Got Away

Everyone remembers the devastation of their first heartbreak. You feel a sense of loss, guilt, and extreme emotions on what you may or may not have done wrong.

Guess what? Buyers have that too.

Sometimes you have to lose out on a property you absolutely love before you can get serious (and braver) about home buying. Here’s what you can learn from going through this disappointment:

  1. Don’t hesitate about your true feelings and be wishy-washy about your intentions.

Once you’ve become a serious buyer, you must be ready to put a competitive offer in right away and be the utmost prepared with your maximum budget, financing, and deal breakers. This doesn’t mean you will USE every last penny of your budget, but you’ve got to know what your maximum IS, just in case you find “the one”. 

And…you’ve got to figure this out BEFORE you begin house hunting. This experience forces you to gain some additional self-awareness on what is really important to you in a home, why you want to become a homeowner, and that you’ve got to open yourself up to negotiation and strategic tactics to seal the deal!

  1. Learn to move on and keep searching.

Use those feelings of regret as an advantage, and turn it into a positive. You now are a wiser, more seasoned buyer who better understands how the housing market really works in that particular neighborhood and price range.  Don’t waste time wallowing; dust yourself off and keep looking at homes since new inventory and listings will come on the market.

  1. Don’t look back and don’t compare.

What happens if you can’t get that master suite bathroom out of your mind from that last home? Or that awesome deck out back? You could go on and on comparing your first heartbreak with other homes. It’s hard to do, but this will only hold you back! Focus on your original list of must-haves, deal breakers, needs and wants. Or, tweak it if anything has changed and get back out there!

  1. Don’t worry, you will fall in love again.

Yes, you will find a home and be happy! Most buyers get over their heart break and find a home that works for them and their family. The struggle will be worth it. Often, buyers even end up with a home that is a better fit!

Hopelessly Devoted to That Home

Do you believe in love at first sight? Or maybe have fallen in love with someone who might not have been the right choice.

Blinded by love or even desperation, we ignore any signs that this isn’t the one really for us.

The same thing can happen to homebuyers.  You could fall in love with a home or location that really isn’t a good match for you and your family.

Unfortunately, some buyers can get swayed by emotion and start to make irrational decisions, especially if a hectic housing market is causing them anxiety. 

Just like when dating, never settle for what doesn’t feel right. Yes, home buying does require some compromise, but don’t ignore blatant issues with a home that could cause regret later on. For example, buyers can ignore red flags about the home’s structure, workmanship, etc. when they want a home so badly or in a certain neighborhood.

It’s times like this when you need to listen to other people that are not as emotionally attached. Your real estate agent, or even a family or friend is a great example! They can help temper your wide-eyed devotion to a home that will only cause you pain later. Deep down you might know it’s a dud, despite how much you’re charmed by it. It can be helpful to have others bring you back to reality. 

Fall in Love with the Right Home

All that said, you CAN fall in love with a home that works for you, for most of your needs, for your budget, and your lifestyle! Buying a home is full of emotion, and keeping your heart and head in sync can save you a TON of heartache down the road.

Get your priorities straight. We can’t stress this enough but make a list of your must-haves and your deal breakers and stick to it!  Don’t be lured by a “hot-looking” home when all it might lead to heartbreak down the road. We’ve all been there – sometimes it’s the hottest that are the worst for us…

Know what’s best for you. Only you know what will work for you and your family. So, keep your emotions in check as much as possible and make rational and smart decisions based on what is best for you and your family.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this series, “Insider Secrets to Buying a Home.” Stay tuned in each week as we discuss more topics that will help you on your home-buying journey. We’ve got more hints and tips coming your way!

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I'm Mike and I love helping buyers discover what's really important in their forever home, then working to find that in Chicago's 

Northwest Suburbs. I also have a soft spot in my heart for teachers and love giving back to them whenever I can. Let me know how I can help you make your real estate dreams come true.



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Hi there!

I'm Mike and I love helping buyers discover what's really important in their forever home, and working to find that in 

Chicago's Northwest Suburbs. I also have a soft spot in my heart for teachers and love giving back to them whenever I can. Let me know how I can help you make your real estate dreams come true. 

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