teachers/School employees

*$300 cash back for selling/purchase price below $125,000. Must be currently employed as teacher/school employee (or if transacting during summer, either taught the previous year or plan to teach in fall) - eligibility verified through mortgage pre-approval process. Successful closing required to receive cash back. 

Most people know how much TIME teachers dedicate to their students, especially outside of the classroom. It's almost a punchline. 

But, not many of us know how much of their own MONEY they spend! Thousands of dollars on classroom books, lessons and curriculum, teaching tools, or even just classroom decoration for a holiday! Some is covered by the school, district, or PTO, but not enough - and what is covered can mean navigating administrative red tape.

So, for my part, I give teachers (& school/district employees) up to $1000 cash back at closing when they buy or sell a house with me - up to $500 when selling and up to $500 when buying*. It doesn't begin to cover the debt we owe them, but it's my way of showing my appreciation and giving back, even just a little for what they do everyday. 

So, if you're a teacher or school/district employee, I'd be absolutely honored to help you buy or sell a home! Just reach out and I'll take it from there!

Teachers pour SO. DAMN. MUCH. of themselves into their work - professionally, personally, emotionally, and financially.
I've seen this up-close; my wife was a teacher, my daughter is becoming a teacher, and I’ve worked with teachers most of my adult life. I'm amazed by their dedication to our kids. 


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